Inspiring the Korean giant.

Together with Universal Everything we were invited by the Hyundai Motor Group to create a series of 18 video artworks that would grace a 24 metre wide, hi-res screen comprising of 720 Microtiles™ at the Hyundai Vision Hall in Seoul; a space that allows leaders, engineers, scientists, workers and designers to learn, re-think, collaborate and be inspired.



This far reaching and ambitious collaboration was commissioned by Hyundai Motor Group’s Vice-Chairman Euisun Chung, Head of Automotive Design and President of Kia Motors Peter Schreyer and artist Do Ho Suh. The brief was to bring the future vision of the company to life via a series of motion design and live action films informed by the mobius loop strategy that underpins the Company’s design and manufacturing processes.


A week-long research tour of Hyundai’s South Korean plants and innovation laboratories provided the creative seeds for the resulting films; steel foundries, shipyards, wind tunnels, industrial design studios, crash test labs, and test tracks provided stunning visual metaphors for the human imagination and the ingenuity behind the manufacturing process. Whilst lavished with high-end CGI software and beautiful cinematography, the films are imbued with a human imprint that shines through abstract forms.


This first series of films spawned subsequent commissions that went on to further inspire Hyundai Motor Group’s new employees when passing through the Mabuk Research & Training Facility which houses the Vision Hall. The work featured in the 2014 D&AD Annual.


Creative Direction


Motion Design




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