Heineken Light

Abstract forms imbued with a human presence...

With a 4% ABV content Heineken Light is specifically brewed for the North American and Asian markets. Our creative and commissioning partners at Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam concluded that as the brew has less alcohol and less calories (than regular Heineken) the Heineken Light drinker is 'sharp and fleet of foot'. This translated as BOUNCE, which essentially became our one-word brief for this film. 

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We were asked to create a 20 second animation that would introduce Heineken’s new sister brand to the North American consumer via a huge LED screen on Times Square, NYC. We were challenged with bringing ‘as much artistic expression’ as we felt fit to the table so as to challenge consumers perceived perceptions of Heineken.


Working with Universal Everything, we attached motion capture sensors to a contemporary dancer and tracked his movements. This data was then fed through Houdini based software to create abstract forms imbued with a human presence, linking directly back to the ‘fleet-footed’ brief. The motion design abstraction clears frame to reveal our ‘protagonist’.


The film debuted on a huge LED screen on Times Square, NYC.


Creative Direction


Motion Design


Concept Creation


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