Vornado Realty

Wrapping a NYC block with 24 million pixels.

Commissioned by ‘Second Story NYC’ for ‘Vornado Realty’, we partnered up with Universal Everything to create a series of launch films for the largest digital billboard in Times Square. In 2014 it was indeed the highest resolution LED of its size in the world.



The brief was to create a series of CGI films that would showcase the stunning capacity and resolution of the new ground breaking 4K screen. 


From a single pixel, the audience is taken on a transformative journey inspired by a perpetually evolving landscape, technological advances and New York City itself. As a counterpoint to one of the world’s busiest metropolises we imbued the films with a calm, immersive and meditative pace.


Vornado Realty were inundated with requests to rent the screen and Google ‘took-up residency’ as soon as our week long launch tenure came to an end.


Creative Direction




Motion Design


Concept Creation


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