Nike Flyknit

A digital translation of Nike's unique technology

A digital translation of Nike's Flyknit™ technology created for Nike Energy MKTG's representation at Milan Design Week 2013. Human presence activates the 3D installation and brings it to life.



For Milan Design Week 2013 Nike Energy MKTG commissioned Universal Everything and ourselves to create a 3D installation exploring fluid movement and the human form — essentially a digital translation of Nike’s unique Flyknit™ technology.


Acting as an extension of previous investigations into dance, motion and the abstraction of human form with Universal Everything (such as the Heineken Light launch film) the FIT installation allowed visitors to undergo this same process in real-time. Multi-coloured threads swarm around a four-sided digital cube. Motion tracking technology translates the movements of visitors in the space into vibrant back-lit silhouettes of intricately intertwined, flowing threads.


A true fusion of digital and physical technology and ‘perma-grins’ all round.


Creative Direction


Motion Design




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