Wales Food & Drink Journal No1

Having applied the new Brand Wales aesthetic and tone of voice to the Tourism and Business sectors it is now the turn of the Welsh Government’s Food & Drink division.

The launch publication is an oversized A3 loose leaf journal that profiles the passionate individuals and brands who represent the new spirit and vigor present in Wales’ food scene. In these pages are the stories of the people who are inspiring others into action. People who threw the stones that caused the ripples that are forming a powerful new wave of Welsh food and drink.

The oversized format allowed us to shoot plated food at actual size as well as giving us a canvas to set the typeface at a large scale to reflect the confidence and verve that runs throughout the copy.

Editor: Simon Wright
Photography: Michael Sinclair
Chef: Max Pasetti
Food Stylist: Stephanie Boote
With thanks to Wright’s Food Emporium

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