Transport for Wales Launch

Transport for Wales was set-up by the Welsh Government in 2016 as a not-for-profit company to deliver its new vision for transport. It marks the beginning of an exciting new journey for transport in Wales.

Smörgåsbord have been on this journey since in 2014 when we were invited to deliver a brand identity programme for the proposed South Wales Metro. In late 2016, we were appointed to create an era defining brand for the wider Transport for Wales project that would resonate with, and compliment the existing Metro and Cymru Wales nation brands, whilst having its own distinctive look and feel.

Our starting point was ‘movement’ with the core marque designed to exist in perpetual motion. A bespoke stencil typeface followed (based on Cymru Wales Sans), and the Cymru Wales nation brand colour palette was extended with transport requirements in mind. Comprehensive identity guidelines have been produced detailing the brand’s application across transport livery, wayfinding and mapping. The brand was launched officially in June 2018 and future phases will see these applications come to fruition.

Brand Launch Film—
Concept & Script: Smörgåsbord
Type Foundry: Colophon
Motion Design: John Beckers
Composer: Wevie
Post Production/Edit: Gorilla
Post Production/Audio: Cranc

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