UE were invited by the Hyundai Motor Group to create a series of 18 video artworks for the Hyundai Vision Hall in Seoul; a space that allows leaders, engineers, scientists, workers and designers to learn, re-think, collaborate and be inspired.

A week-long research tour of Hyundai’s South Korean plants and innovation laboratories provided the creative seeds for the resulting films – stunning visual metaphors for the human imagination and the ingenuity behind the manufacturing process. Whilst lavished with high-end CGI software they’re imbued with a human imprint that shines through abstract forms.

Creative Directors: Dylan Griffith/Matt Pyke
Chief Animator: Chris Perry
Live Action Director: Mark Cumming
Producer: Phillip Ward
CGI: Realise/Analog
Post Production: Gorilla
Sound Designer: Simon Pyke
Created at Universal Everything

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