Cymru Wales Sans

Whilst the bespoke typeface takes cues from the Welsh typographical heritage we took special care not to wander into the territory of pastiche or parody. Our research informed the look, feel and personality of several of the consonants (d, h, l, m, n, u) and crucially 5 of the 8 diagraphs that are wholly unique to the Welsh language, Ch, ch, dd, Ff, ff, Ll, Th, th. These forms comprised the infrastructure for the more expressive, headline cut of the type family, Cymru Sans (Welsh for ‘Wales’), while Wales Sans acted as the more staid (and indeed, English-language) counterpart.

A unifying cornerstone of the new Nation brand that puts the provenance of the Welsh language front and centre.

Typographic direction: Joseph Burrin
Type Foundry: Colophon
Client: Welsh Government

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