Bloomberg Television

Re-igniting our working relationship with Mark Porter Associates we took our influences from the iconoclastic spirit of the existing print and digital platforms. Alongside this the functional data-driven approach of the Bloomberg terminal helped inform a unique and contemporary visual language for the accelerated word of real-time financial information. At the core of the relaunch was the introduction of Neue Haas Grotesk and a complete re-working of the long standing ‘J’ screen configuration that had limited onscreen text to the right hand and bottom margins of the screen only.

As the project was nearing completion Bloomberg made a strategic decision to switch focus away from its media products and the new design was not launched.

Creative Direction:
Dylan Griffith & Mark Porter
Art Direction:
Alex Frew, Mark Leeds & John Beckers
Design: Alan Kerr, Mariona Alegre
Motion Design: John Beckers

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