2018 Year of the Sea – Behind the scenes

We threw everything at this – ‘Planes, Trains and Automobiles’, and then took it to the next level. Once we had secured Hollywood actor Luke Evans’ return as our protagonist and pilot we set about scouring the UK for a suitable seaplane. We found our 1977 ‘Cessna 182’ in Berkshire and began designing our livery. We quickly ditched a (default Welsh) red, green and white option, instead opting for a coral, yellow and white design; part contemporary, part vintage. A graphic livery that ‘pops’ against the rugged landscapes and seascapes of Wales.

The stunning landscape of Snowdonia was our main ‘set’ for the ‘morning shoot’ and saw a return to Llyn Gwynant where we were granted permission to land the seaplane. The main ‘build’ was the jetty. Due to environmental sensitivities the construction had to be temporary, and in order to make it look credible the galvanised steel carcass was decked and finished with salvaged timber.

Whilst the journey is essentially a day in Wales – ‘from Snowdonia’s epic peaks to the Gower’s wild surf’ – we shot additional 90° drone footage in the three months that preceded the main shoot. Air to air footage was provided on the two day shoot via a helicopter and then floating filming platforms offered up an array of filming positions in Cardiff Bay.

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