Behind the scenes

After weeks of planning (never under estimate the work that goes into an exhibition!) and a 24 hour 'get-in' we opened the doors to a select 100 guests.

Work hard. Play hard.

Special thanks to Wrights Food Emporium for the wines, Union for the beer and Kin+Ilk for supplying great food.




As part of the 2019 Cardiff Design Festival we hosted a show celebrating our studio's mantra: 'Inherently Welsh with a Global Outlook'. A weekend long event showcasing a curated collection of brands with whom Smörgåsbord have collaborated with over the last 11 years — from startups to multinationals. The show presented us with an opportunity to reinterpret our print and digital projects as physical objects.

Alex Jenkins

Welsh Rugby Union

If you can't play rugby for Wales the next best thing is to design the national kit...

Cymru Wales Sans & Serif

The Cymru Wales font family — a unifying cornerstone of our nation's brand. Defined by their unique digraphs, our two national typefaces — 'Cymru Wales Serif' & 'Cymru Wales Sans' — put the provenance of the Welsh language front and centre.


Born in Sydney. Raised in Brooklyn. Roasting in Amsterdam. The logotype is inspired by the 1920's Amsterdam School of Architecture aesthetic and the cycling musettes are inspired by the best banana bread in Amsterdam.

Melin Tregwynt

This bespoke design created for the Cambrian Hotel in Switzerland is named the 'Cambrian Cross' — a contemporary design that fuses the Swiss cross with graphical elements of a typical Welsh double-cloth pattern. It's a neat acknowledgement of The Cambrian's joint Swiss/Welsh ownership and its colours reflect the meadows, forests and rock faces surrounding the hotel.


The first double-distilled premium soju to be made in Europe. We got involved in creating the recipe as well as the brand identity and packaging — marking our first collaborative venture into product development.


A brilliant life deserves more than a standard memorial stone inscribed with a default typeface... 'Over My Dead Body' deals with death differently.