Creative Director: Smörgåsbord
Director: Marc Evans
Director of Photography: Luke Jacobs
Line Production: Orchard Media
Post Production/Edit: Gorilla
Post Production/VFX: Analog
Post Production/Audio: Cranc
Composer: Wevie
Stills Photography: Jim Marsden

BTS: 2017 Year of Legends



The second instalment in our thematic ‘Year of’ films for Visit Wales. Hollywood actor and proud Welshman Luke Evans starred as our protagonist to recite the tales of Wales' myths and legends and bring them to life with a little help from some crafted CGI. 


The storyteller

Just as landscape can prompt us to jump, climb or ride it can also inspire our minds to soar. If Wales is known as one of the World’s foremost destinations for outdoor activities it’s surely even more renowned for its poetry, history and mythology. We imbued this celebration of Wales’ 2017 Year of Legends with a somewhat disruptive undertone — with the aim of making it stand out from other tourism ads and treatments. Our challenge was to present Wales’ incredible history in an utterly contemporary and emotive manner with Hollywood actor and proud Welshman Luke Evans cast as our immortal storyteller. 

Rain didn't stop play

The stunning landscape of Snowdonia is our ’set’, deftly treated with VFX that give Luke’s surroundings a dreamy hyper reality — the perfect stage for a compelling and memorable performance that connects the viewer with the ‘Heroes of Wild Wales’.

The real deal

Here's a glimpse at the stripped back reality before we started on the VFX.